Our Story

Semi precious stones have been used for thousands of years by various cultures around the world because of their special healing properties. Leaders, chiefs, shamans, conjurers and healers take advantage of them in order to heal or protect themselves or others. History has shown that semi precious stones emit positive energies depending on their composition of minerals, giving every stone a special healing ability.
Crafted in the deep layers of our planet millions of years ago, they obtained energies that influence every creature with energies.
We believe, that there is a stone for every situation and any type of person, wether they are having emotional distress, feel weakened by stress or they’re just looking to relevel all 7 chakras.
But since stones aren’t really practical to carry around, we decided to integrate them into beautiful bracelets and necklaces in order to carry them as close as possible to the body, where they unleash their highest possible energy potential. You won’t have to compromise neither the healing component nor the style component in our gorgeous jewelry.
Our bracelets are handmade and woven with a special technique, to insure durability in every situation.
Sustainability is a must nowadays - and it will always be
All our products are manufactured in small ateliers by artisans with highest precision. In a world where labor exploitation is widely common to produce big amounts of low quality products, we try to counterbalance this bad energy with self-determined high quality labour. All of our employees can work as much as they want and where they want as long as our products maintain a high quality standard.
 We source our materials from companies that follow the same philosophy than us, such as mines that ensure no kid labour and tanneries that produce vegetable tanned leather.
As popularity of vegan merchandise surges we also decided to offer cruelty free bracelets and plan to replace all our leather products with vegan leather.
Since global warming is the most serious issue for human kind in the 21st century, we also optimized our shipping in order to minimize our CO2 emissions.
Every delivery will be done with our own carrier from our warehouse, which reduces the CO2 emissions by nearly 30%. We all share life on this planet and there is no planet B, so we give our best contributing to fight global warming.

About us

As a visionary young team focused on living in harmony and peace, we share the ambition to always optimize ourselves and to advise and share our life philosophy with others.
We all met at a yoga workshop and we bonded directly on a high spiritual level. We believed that we can break the circle of unfair capitalism in which the poor go even poorer and the rich even richer, by controlling that everyone in the chain gets fair salary. We support small artisans working all over the world!
Our name Osakakorean contains the latin word aura which translates into the shine and charisma because we want you and your charisma to shine! 
You can imagine your aura being like a halo outsending energy to all the people around you.
Your energy is created by thinking and feeling, it’s constantly changing based on your emotional and physical constitution. Your aura is your constant state of presence. 
All chakras play an essential role for your Aura, because the constitution of every single chakra can affect your well-being.
Every chakra is linked to a color which can tarnish over time when you don’t pay attention to it, which can indicate a lack or disturbance in your soul.
Glowing colors however, indicate diversity, happiness and vitality.
This means you should take care of your chakra and aura, because they play a huge role for your well being and they are correlating.
The stones which we implemented in our jewelry can help you to rebalance your state of mind and it’s a truly effective way of cleansing your aura and chakras.
We set ourselves the goal to enlighten your aura and heal you and other people from the inside.
The more people we can help to unlock their inner powers, the closer we’ll get to a more peaceful world and that’s what we strive for!